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Mist Eliminator
   combined mist eliminator tubular and roof
   high temperature mist eliminator
   tubular mist eliminator for vertical gas flow
   tubular mist eliminator for horizontal gas flow
   mist eliminator for horizontal gas flow
   upgrade kit for tubular mist eliminator
   roof design
   flat design

Horizontal gas flow

RPT's advanced mist eliminator for an efficient process

The mist eliminator for the horizontal gas flow is a full two level mist eliminator. It is based on the wellproven profile with hook. To increase the efficiency the second mist eliminator has a smaller pitch between the profiles compared to the first.

The demister wasch system, including pipe supports, may also be incorporated into the desing.

The concept is configured to provide a superior process performance in a very compact design; requiring only about 3200 mm of casing length.

Function and characteristics:
The mist eliminator operates well for local gas velocities up to 9 m/s and high liquid contents.

The upstream washing system of the first mist eliminator and the downstream washing system of the second mist eliminator can be combined improving the process performance as well as reducing the dimensions of the casing (see picture).

The material of the module is polypropylene.

RPT's special offer:

RPT has developed a simple way of supporting the wash pipes which can reduce cost as well as installation time and solve a known quality issue. These pipe supports are built from rectangular steel rods which are fully lined with polypropylene. Pipe clamps are then weldded on the lining for holding the pipes (see picture above).

Advantages of RPT's design:
  • Design and manufacturing of complete modules ready-to-install thus decreasing the erection time and simplify the project planning
  • Only one middle washing system thus minimizing the required casing dimensions and the capital costs
  • Pipe support system included in scope of supply
  • Double drain design prevents overflow and carry over at washing

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