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Sieve baskets

Sieve baskets protect the spray headers and their nozzles from plugging due to large particles in the slurry. Additionally, the recycle pumps are protected against damage.


  • Polypropylene is very cost effective compared to Hastelloy, similar high grade alloys or even FRP.
  • It is corrosion resistant, even in the very aggressive environment of FGD recycle tanks.
  • patented shape of sieve holes

  • Dimensioning:
    The basket is designed to accommodate the specific requirements of each customer and specific application. The standard wall thickness is 20 mm, Hole-patten and -shape are designed according to the operaton.

    Pressure relief hood:
    Each sieve basket is requipped with a self-closing lid, installed on the top. During normal operation the hood is closed by its own weight.
    In the event of pump shutdown, the back flushing pressure opens the relief hood and protects the sieve basket from damage. The hood also provides for easy maintenance and cleaning.

    Advantages of RPT's design
    RPT Design with numerous details gained from experience
  • Customized models
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Reliable and long-living

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