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RPT supports power plants and engineeering contractors with a variety of services.

Supervision is standard for all RPT supplies. RPT supvervisors train the power plant staff, train local erection crews and supervise these crews in the installation work for RPT's products.

The installation of RPT products such as mist eliminators, spray headers or wall rings is standard in Europe. RPT's advantage is taht the installation crew is recruited from the manufacturing staff in the plant. The welders and specialists that have built the equipment are now charged with its isntallation. You can expect a high level of quality from this.

De-installation and re-installation during outages as well as repairs and cleaning are also standard for RPT crews. There are many reasons to remove and re-install mist eliminators or other equipment such as refurbishing the ruber lining, special cleaning of mist eliminators, or changes to the system.

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