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Wall ring

Wall rings are a well-known concept for improving the efficiency of SO2 scrubbing. The spray umbrella of the suspension spray nozzles is less efficient along the walls of an absorber. Therefore flue gas can "sneak" through the gaps between the spray cones of spray nozzles and reach to the top rather uncleaned.

Wall rings are installed to prevent that "sneakage" and to direct the flue gas under the efficient spray umbrellla of the spray headers. The conventional wall rings are installed on the same level of the spray nozzles and are therefore of limited efficiency.

RPT's concept for wall rings is patent protected. The RPT wall ring is installed below the spray nozzles - the spray cones are directed on it and are supposed to wetten the wall ring. The wall ring is a contact surface for the flue gas that passes along the installation.

The wall ring is built from polypropylene pipes which are installed perpendicular to the absorber wall and can be dimensioned to any length - in order to balance pressure drop and scrubbing performance. The pipe segments are installed with spaces between the pipes so that suspension liquid can drain between them and plugging canot build up on the wall ring. The combination of redirecting the flue gas under the spray umbrella of the spray nozzles and the contact surface function of the pipes optimizes the SO2 scrubbing.

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